Friday, 23 January 2015

Dracula Untold

A thrilling origins story that would make for a great video game.

Vlad is a Prince whose family is threatened by the Turks. In order to save his family and the people of his country, he must seek a power much greater than any human can have. But with that power comes a price much greater than a human should bear. He must struggle to keep his humanity and save his people.

Personally, I loved the story, but felt that the ending was such a huge cliff-hanger, it deserves a sequel. If there were to be a sequel, it will definitely be one that surpasses Dracula Untold. With amazing acting by every member of the cast, combined with a well written origin story (though hardcore Count Dracula fans would dismiss it), topped off with good directing and visual effects, this movie is definitely one to watch.

Some criticism is required however. A lot of the story line was given away in the trailer itself, so if you've seen the trailer in advance (as I did), you'll find that the movie only does some filling in of details (and the bad ass ending, which I have been going on about). This movie is not one to be seen multiple times. Also, it does feel like the movie could've been an awesome game instead. Imagine doing the bat changing thing! If a sequel were to be made however, which continued right where this one ended, I would definitely want to watch it in theaters.

So, what did you think of this movie? Leave your comments below.

PS: Turns out that a sequel might actually be done (executive producer Alissa Phillips revealed so).

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