Thursday, 2 October 2014

Going Backwards

All the time, we are told to only keep going forwards - keep looking towards the bright future and to strive to achieve greater goals. How many times are we told that we sometimes need to move backwards?

Think about a scenario where you have to jump from one building to another - you'll never jump directly from the parapet; you'll definitely move a few steps backwards to be able to take a run up in order to make a successful long jump. This applies to real life as well (in a metaphorical sense, of course). Many a times, we really need to move backwards to reassess and rethink whatever we are doing in order to be able to do a whole lot better than before. These are times when we need to backtrack whatever we've been doing or working on and start afresh.

Backtracking is hard since it goes against the whole fiber of who we have been molded into by society itself. It is difficult to let go of whatever you've worked on for a helluva long time but sometimes, its just better to take a few steps back in order to be able to get a better run up and a better jump and just maybe reach a much greater goal and dream bigger.

What do you think about this metaphor? Leave your comments below.


  1. There is a type in last para, 2nd line. ' let go "off" '.

    1. Sorry, but there is no typo there. The usage there is correct, and implies exactly what I wanted it to imply.

      Also there is a typo in your comment. It is spelt as "typo" not as "type" :D